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Alpha Tx 1″ Stacion Total

Alpha Tx 1″ High-precision Total Station, boasts high quality and high performance with its outstanding design, advanced encoding technology and stable alloy axis. It has achieved 1″accuracy measurement and is applied to control measurement, industrial measurement, tunnel engineering, and deformation monitoring.

  • 1″ Angle Measurement
  • Photoelectric Compensator
  • 1000m Without Prism
  • 4CCD for higher angular accuracy

6.000  me TVSH

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Packing List

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4CCD for higher angular accuracy

The self-developed four-quadrant precision angle sensor design, error compensation algorithm, combined with photoelectric decoding, top-notch precision photolithographic absolute coding disk, brings stable and reliable accuracy of 1″

Superfine Shafting For 1″Accuracy

The high-quality alloy steel is heat-treated several times being processed with a specially designed ultra-high precision grinder. The G3 top-grade steel balls are selected and ground through dozens of procedures to meet the strict requirements of 1″ accuracy instruments.

Coaxial Comprehensive Compensation

The compensator is located just above the vertical axis, and the accurate compensation is obtained quickly between rotations. At the same time, the CCD is used for accurate calibration, and the compensation range is as high as 4′, high operation efficiency.

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