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Alpha Mi USV for surveying

Alpha Mi is exclusively designed for single-person measuring work of lakes and rivers. Trimaran construction ensures stable sailing and is used in conjunction with a dual pump propeller, RTK, and single beam. HD image and intelligent ship control are integrated for more convenient underwater measurement.

  • The speed is up to 5m/s
  • Working time up to 3-6 hours
  • Support larger customised battery
  • Able to work in torrent

Çmimi origjinal qe: 28.000 €.Çmimi i tanishëm është: 25.000 €. me TVSH

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Convenient Operation

The boat is ready for measuring work from one site to another within minutes

Working Time

Customized working time, 3 hours  for 1 battary

Dual Pumpjet Thrusters

Equipped with high-speed thruster, the top speed is up to 5m/s and is able to work in torrent.

4G For Remote Control

4G network brings unlimited control distance

Single beam Echosounder

Equipped with highly sensitive echosounder that enables it to work in shoal, the shallowest of which is 0.2 meter


Streamline slope design at the bottom of the boat plus blade-like filter and pump protect the vehicle from being entangled by aquatic plants 

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