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D2000S Intelligent Quadcopter for Mapping

D2000S is equipped with a high-precision differential GNSS board and two dual-differential antennas. Through the optional physical base station with RTK and PPK fusion solution, it can support high-precision POS assist. ed aerial triangulation and realize image control-free applications.

Also, with the software named UAV Manager Professional Edition, it has various route modes for different application requirements. The software supports accurate three-dimensional route planning, three-dimensional real-time flight monitoring, GNSS fusion solution, control point measurement, aerial triangulation, one-key to output and browses multiple data results such as TDOM, DOM, DEM, DSM, LIDAR point cloud, and so on.

  • Image control-free topographic mapping
  • Long endurance, high efficiency, and high reliability
  • Dual-differential antenna
  • Module payload design and multi-source data acquisition
  • Precise terrain following flight.
  • Automatic obstacle avoidance
  • One-stop software solution and advanced data processing workstation
  • Cloud-based active service

Informacion shtesë

Peshë 28 g/kg
Përmasa 49,5 × 442 × 14,3 cm

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