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Skaneri HottScan

Most modern technology of 3D room measurement

The 3D roomscanner HottScan provides precise data for a detailed 3D measurement based on the newest laser measurement technology.

Your advantages
  • Avoiding of multiple surveys
  • Mobility (light weight) and long battery life
  • Change of battery within seconds
  • Transfer to HottCAD

11.000  me TVSH

Informacion shtesë

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The HottScan 3D-roomscanner broadens the Hottgenroth group´s portfolio by another ground-breaking new approach to 3D room modelling. The HottScan room scanner aquires any desired geometry with precise laser measurements.

The high-end capturing technology requires only a few measurements to generate a complete 3D room with all details after the data export via USB stick or WIFI. The next to the 3D room the quantity analytics for planning and structural arrangements is generated with one click.

The high resolution 3D image is available for expert opinion and technical assessments.The data export is available in all common formats. The handling is so easy that no special know-how is needed.

Basic functions:

  • Detailed 360° panorama-images of every scan
  • Room geometry survey by laser measurement
  • Tachymeter function: Adding individual measuring points or starting interactive measuring programs
  • Image and measuring functions for every detail
  • Complete photo documentation
  • Preview of panorama images via bimCAD
  • AppData transfer via USB stick or WiFi
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