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3D Scanner Oneshot

Just one click to scan and document

Do you document project progress, measure rooms and objects? If so, use our hard- and software solution from one single manufacturer for your work – OneShot.

Your advantages
  • 3D measurement with 1 click in only 7 seconds
  • Transfer to HottCAD
  • Top price-performance ratio

4.499  including VAT

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The roomscanner OneShot from HottScan stands out with its functionality at an affordable price. Professional digitization tools do not have to be expensive. The hardware has 6 HDR cameras, a laser measuring system and creates image information in high-resolution panorama quality incl. measuring points in only 7 seconds per scan! Combining the software and the hardware, you can decide whether you want to focus on the image panorama information, measure rooms, room dimensions, objects in rooms or want to measure everything together at the same time.

From documenting your progress to supervising the construction and verifying your work, OneShot is a true all-rounder tool easy at hand.

Basic functions:

    • 3d room measurement with one click
    • Digital transfer and editing within the software
    • 360° panorama-visualization
    • Highest precision and resolution
    • Range up to 40 metres
    • Efficient design
    • Immediate geometric representation
OneShot Setup Guide

OneShot Space Modelling

Step by step Guide

Fast and simple

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