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Alpha 4i GNSS Rover

The Alpha 4i makes things easier for global surveyors by using the latest system framework and a top-notch positioning engine SoC. It goes beyond design limits, cutting the workload by 50%, and it’s both high-performing and has a compact size.

  • 380g
  • 98×53mm
  • 3 Outstanding Technologies
  • 90° Inertial Navigation

2.500  including VAT

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Additional information

Weight 1,5 kg
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 15 cm

Alpha Surveying

Packing List

Ideally made, lightly weight

Material of the Shell:

Made with nano material and wave-transparent top cover, Alpha4i is with aluminum alloy enforced housing. It’s with 316 molybdenum steel threaded connector and 5/8 pin interface.

24 frequencies of the 7 major satellites

Long battery life

3 Outstanding Technologies

All-satellites full-frequency 8cm positioning antenna

Alpha 4i carries all-satellites full-frequency positioning antenna, which, for the first time, shortens the traditional 11cm antenna diameter to 8cm, without losing any signal. With High frequency microwave radiation carrier and electromagnetic band gap Technology, combined four feed points phase center design and high-gain widebeam, Alpha 4i can get instant fixed solution in low elevation and complicated situations.

The latest generation of global positioning SoC chip

Integrated with the latest generation NebulasIV radio frequency baseband and high-precision algorithm, the latest SoC chip supports all-satellites full-frequency computation algorithms. Independent frequency point tracking and 60 dB narrow band anti-interference, make it continue to positioning even lose satellite signal.

Embedded real-time operating system RTOS

Embedded military class real-time operating system RTOS for the first time, Alpha 4i can fully satisfy RTK development requirement and is more compatible with IoT application scenario.RTOS system is widely used in spacecrafts, missiles, robots, Tmall Elf and other IoT devices for its lower powe

Fully Compatible Transceiver Internal UHF Radio

Supports various working modes in global regions Support 410-470MHz full frequency band Compatible with various mainstream RTK protocols Output stable solution to 3KM base station surveying area Compatible with 35W external radio

90° Inertial Navigation

Fast initialization IMU, support tilt measurement with 2CM accuracy when tilt angle 60°. IMU can still work in tilt angle 90° even 120° 

Alpha 4i GNSS Specifikime Teknike

Alpha 4i GNSS

Alpha 4i – Brochure
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