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HottCAD Full Version

Start building data collection with HottCAD! HottCAD is your tool if you want to take advantage of a 3D model but don’t want to draw or construct elaborately. The program offers a quick entry with many assistants and automatisms

720  including VAT

Additional information

Basic functions:

  • Simple building registration based on floor plans
  • Import of various image formats such as PDF, JPEG and also vector graphics such as 2D DWG/DXF, as well as HottScan and OneSHOT projects
  • Real-time 3D view to monitor progress and present results

  • Assign rooms and residential units easily with a mouse click or drag & drop

  • Create and document building or floor sections

  • Create new 2D plans with dimensions, stamps, and more

  • Detailed building shapes such as split-level are also possible

  • Own roof assistants and free drawing methods for optical construction and volume calculation

  • Creation of soil curves on the building, to determine the adjacent areas of air and soil

  • Evaluation of areas according to various criteria

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Operating system (64-bit) Windows 10 or higher, each with current service pack and executable Microsoft SQL Server (from version 2016, a “localdb version” is included)

Processor Quad Core at least 3 GHz (except ARM CPUs/Surface)
16 GB
Hard Disk
Hard Disk Capacity
500 GB
Graphics Card
Hardware-accelerated 3D graphics card with DirectX 9.0C or higher, 128 MB internal memory
Screen resolution
1280×1024 pixels with at least 32-bit color depth
LAN connection/WLAN to the server computer, at least 1 GBit
scanner with WIA driver

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